SUPU think a corporate responsibility includes three aspects: the responsibility of the   legal,development and ethics. The law is the basis of survival, only according to law,  enterprise can obtain the approval of social and the support of the national;The responsibility of development refers to the enterprise to achieve harmonious, scientific in process, and let employees get good development in the work environment,including the occupation ethics and personal practice;the responsibility of ethics,including the dissemination of national even global charity and traditional virtues,The dissemination of traditional virtue not only to the employees, but also to our consumer.

Bear the Responsibility

 SUPU hard to meet all the legal and moral requirements, in accordance with the highest occupation and moral standards and practices to conduct business, can not tolerate all acts of noncompliance. We must also encourage business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders follow the same high standards of morality.  

Pursuit the excellence

 To be the leader in global electrical connector field is our business ambitious goals.Attract the outstanding talents,help these person to get skills needed to succeed, and provide the opportunity to play Potential.To service the society with quality and attitude,and to exceed customer expectations. To build a high performance culture.

Continuous innovation

Been the development as the guide,innovation as the method, continuous SUPU culture and business building, display the diversified color of SUPU.We constantly adjust the business combination to provide the high solution ways to global industrial field,so as to enable us to create sustainable value.


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