high current PCB connectors, more power to help energy equipment


With the increasingly severe situation of emission reduction and environmental protection, the global energy is developing towards low carbon, green and efficient direction. In the digital and intelligent technology progress and cost reduction, energy equipment is also moving towards miniaturization and efficiency.

SUPU high current PCB connector, compact appearance,the rated electrical performance up to 1000V/125A, using screw connection, stable and reliable; Rich product series, multiple specifications and models can be selected, which can provide stable electrical connection for high-power energy equipment.

Product Features:

1, Compact appearance to provide enough wiring capacity

2. Fixed and pluggable connection modes can meet the connection requirements for PCB and cables.

3. Various spacing 7.62/9.52/10.16/15mm and pins for choice, widely used .

4. High quality PA66,V0 flame retardant grade material, high strength steel screws, fully ensure the reliability and stability of the connection

5. Screw anti-self-locking structure can effectively prevent the screw self-locking problem in the process of transportation , it is convenient for customers to connect on site.

6. Provide anti-misinsertion coding bar to prevent connection mis-insertion and removal

SUPU high current PCB connectors, compact and reliable, which can be widely used in energy equipment such as frequency conversion and drive, inverter, medium and low voltage distribution equipment, etc.