SUPU TJ2 series buttons: create cost-effective, highly competitive product solutions


Push button switch may be the simplest component in the electrical control circuit, but it holds the lifeblood of the entire control circuit. With the improvement of manufacturing process, the demand for equipment stability and cost control is higher and higher.

As an industrial switch manufacturer, SUPU has creatively launched a new generation of cost-effective products: TJ2 series 22mm button and indicator light with innovative technology improvement which meet the product needs of more customers, help customers to complete the equipment upgrade, ensure the stable operation of equipment.

product feature

economical and practical:Outstanding cost , effectively reduce the application cost.

safe and reliable:The whole series of protection grade IP65, easy to realize waterproof and dustproof, mechanical life up to 500,000 times (emergency stop button 1000000 times), to meet the harsh environmental requirements.

easy operationPush-in, screw type can be selected. Make wiring more efficient。

Complete typesThe mounting aperture is 22mm, the button types are complete, a variety of specifications can be selected on demand.

Multi-color indicator lightVarious types of luminous modules support multi - voltage and multi - color specifications.

Complete accessoriesUniversal accessories with TS2 series, support label printing.

Industry application

SUPU TJ2  series products, widely used in industrial automation, energy, semiconductor, automotive and other fields.