Company Profile

Founded in 1999, with two production bases, Ningbo SUPU Electronic Co., Ltd. has developed into one of the four business fields of electrical cabinet connection, electrical device connection, electrical field connection, and customized products and solutions, and is a global excellent supplier of electrical industry, integrating research and development, production, sales, and service.

Introduction of Ningbo SUPU Electronic Co.

SUPU has been awarded "National and Ningbo City Innovation Fund", "Science and Technology Enterprise", "City Enterprise Engineering Center", "Cixi City Top 100 Enterprises", "National High-tech Enterprise", "Innovative Demonstration Small and Medium Enterprises of Zhejiang Province", "Manufacturing Industry Annual In 2020, Ningbo SUPU Electronic Co, Ltd. will be recognized as one of the second batch of national specialized, special and new "small giants" enterprises, and in 2021, it will be recognized as one of the first batch of national key specialized, special and new "small giants" enterprises. In 2021, it will be recognized as one of the first batch of national key specialized, special and new "small giants" enterprises.

-Company Name: Ningbo SUPU Electronic Co., Ltd.

-Address: Ningbo, Zhejiang

-Founded: 1999

R & D

SUPU pushes forward the construction of R&D and innovation team, the technical center now has more than 160 staff, with the comprehensive R&D capability of new materials and processing, structure optimization design, mold design and manufacturing, and automated assembly equipment design and manufacturing. At present, the company has a number of patents, including "CAGE SPRING CONNECTION TECHNOLOGY", "PUSH-IN SPRING CONNECTION TECHNOLOGY" and "HIGH CURRENT CONNECTION TECHNOLOGY", etc., which have been awarded a number of national invention patents. national invention patents.


SUPU's new digital factory will be put into production in 2022, with complete production lines for mold processing, metal parts stamping and forming, insulation parts injection molding, and automatic parts assembly. The management of the factory is lean-centric, adopting a large number of lean ideas and tools to improve the overall efficiency of equipment and personnel. At the same time, it is complemented with MES and WMS management system to realize the closed-loop management from product order to production to delivery. The perfect match of management software and hardware equipment makes production efficient and transparent, and meets customer requirements for cost, quality and delivery.

Quality Management

SUPU adheres to the quality concept of high reliability and stability of products, insists on the quality policy of "pursuing the whole process of lean quality, continuous improvement, exceeding customers' expectations and building the brand in the industry", and implements the quality method of "Total Quality Management" from product design to delivery. We also implement the quality method of "Total Quality Management" from design to delivery. In addition, through the digital quality management system to achieve product defects can be traced, the problem solving time-sensitive.

Company system standards:

- Quality Management System: ISO9001                                                      - Environmental Management System: ISO14001

- Occupational health and safety management system: ISO45001              - Railway Quality System: ISO22163

- Automotive Quality System: IATF 16949

Product Design Standards and Certification:

- The product design complies with IEC60947-7-1, IEC60947-7-2, IEC60947-7-4, IEC 60998-2-1, IEC 60947-5-1, EC61076-2-109-2014, UL1059 and other standards.

- The products are certified by UL, CE, TUV, VDE, CQC, CCC and so on.

SUPU can provide customers with

Main Products
Our product line includes rail-mounted terminal blocks, PCB terminal blocks, industrial switches, circular connectors, terminal block modules, and so on.

Industrial application solutions
SUPU products and solutions have been widely used in intelligent buildings, industrial automation, traditional power transmission and distribution, new energy power and railway transportation and other industries, to provide professional solutions for various industry applications.

Technical Support
SUPU professional technical team, good at solving product selection, product information consulting, product applications and other issues, to provide you with speed electronic product technical support services.

Customized solutions
SUPU in providing customers with conventional connector products at the same time, but also to provide customers with professional customized products and solutions to meet the individual needs of customers.

Examples of services
Rail-mounted terminals, PCB terminals, industrial switches, circular connectors, terminal block modules, etc., Sampsistemi can provide a variety of product samples for customers to experience.

Customer Service
SUPU perfect service system and efficient service team, is a quick response to customer needs, to provide more reliable, more stable electrical connection products and solutions to protect.

  • Core Values

    Diligence   Innovation   Self-seeking   Altruism

  • Corporation Vision

    To be the model of the global electric industry

  • Company Mission

    Pursuit happiness of all staff in material & spiritual, promote the enterprise value , contribute to progress & development for human & society.