Rail Transportation



Due to the particularity of the industry, the electrical connection in the rail transit industry has extremely strict requirements on the reliability and safety of the connection. Supu has taken spring connection technology as the foundation of the factory since its establishment. The excellent anti-vibration performance of the spring connection is in line with the requirements of the rail transit industry for connection technology.


At present, Supu connector products have been used stably for a long time in rail transit ground signals and locomotive power control cabinets, locomotive lighting fixture interfaces, ballast interfaces, locomotive broadcast system interfaces, locomotive lightning protection distribution cabinets, signal line lightning protection components, etc. .





Rail Transit Industry Solutions

All products meet relevant railway standards such as IEC 61373 and EN 45545 to ensure reliable and safe train operation


Rail-mounted Terminal Blocks

A comprehensive series of cage springs, push-in springs and high-current terminal blocks to ensure reliable connection of power and signals of systems and equipment

PCB Terminal Blocks

MCS series spring terminals have strong anti-vibration performance, excellent raw materials, scientific structure design, rigorous testing and certification, providing stable connection for train signal transmission