Smart Buildings


Supu has been deeply involved in the elevator industry for many years, and produces higher-quality elevator industry connectors for the elevator industry, which are used for continuous moving operations of elevators. Supu can provide customized elevator industry solutions according to standards or unique needs of customers.

Supu products and customized solutions have been widely used in elevator host control systems and various subsystems. Including control system, car top and pit maintenance, traction machine power supply box, machine room power box, shaft lighting, door machine safety circuit, intercom system, weighing system, machine room control cabinet transformer, emergency disaster prevention power supply, etc.




Smart Buildings Industry Application Solutions

The overall electrical connection solution for the three core components from elevator traction machine, control cabinet to door machine



SUPU PCB Terminal Blocks

Complete specifications, meets various needs of printed circuit board design, and provides an excellent solution for the elevator industry

Rail-mounted Terminal Blocks 

Supu rail terminal block complete specifications, providing comprehensive products for the system to realize potential distribution and signal connection.

SUPU Industrial Switch

From the high-performance Tianshu TS series to the economical TJ series, Supu provides various industrial switches for control cabinets.

SUPU Circular Connector

Provide comprehensive products for industrial site power, data and signal connections. At the same time, Supu provides customized services