Power Industry



For many years, Supu has been providing users in the electric power industry with electrical connection products with excellent performance and stable quality to ensure the safe and stable operation of power transmission and distribution systems and equipment.


Supu's goal is to help users realize the safe operation of control systems and equipment by providing simple and optimized electrical connections.


Supu power industry connector products include rail-mounted screw terminals, rail-mounted spring terminals, multi-purpose spring connectors, miniature spring terminals and other electrical connection products.





Power Industry Application Solutions

Provide comprehensive electrical connection solutions for various voltage level applications, ensure stable operation of power equipment and systems, and simplify commissioning and maintenance operations.


PCB Terminal Blocks

SUPU PCB terminal blocks pitch ranges from 2.5mm to 15mm, and the current intensity can reach 125A, providing a perfect solution for the design of power devices.


Rail-mounted Terminal Blocks

With working voltage up to 1000V, including through terminal, knife switch terminal, current test terminal, fuse terminal, etc., provide reliable wiring guarantee for power system.


Industrial Switch

From push-button switches to indicator lights, from Tianshu TS series to economical Tianji TJ series, Supu can provide various industrial switches for power switch cabinets, etc.