Industry Automation



Supu has extensive experience in developing connectors with reliable electrical and mechanical characteristics. In the process of sincere cooperation with customers for many years, Supu connector products perform well in compact environments with limited space, and can help achieve the design goals of industrial automation.


Supu push-in spring series products, including rail terminal blocks, PCB connectors, etc., have the characteristics of fast wiring, compact appearance, clear identification, and excellent working performance, which can meet the needs of various industrial automation cabinets and on-site applications.

In the process of sincere cooperation with customers for many years, Supu is well aware of the needs of industrial automation for products: stable quality, simple and efficient installation, modularization and miniaturization, and optimal cost.




Industrial Automation Industry Application Solutions

Provide the best solution for efficient assembly, cost saving, and customization requirements of automation users


PCB Terminal Blocks

Provide board-to-board, wire-to-board, and wire-to-wire connection applications.

Rail-mounted Terminal Blocks

Push-in spring terminal blocks, efficient wiring, flexible potential distribution, saving a lot of time and cabinet space for customers.

Industrial Switch

protection level up to IP67, to meet various application requirements in industrial sites.

Circular Connector

Provide comprehensive products for industrial site power, data and signal connections. 

Electronic Interface

Save the space in the cabinet,  providing an excellent solution for system wiring.